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Prayer Focus for Republic of Maldives – September 1, 2013

by Cindy Riggle

Republic of Maldives, Asia: The desire to honour human rights and increase freedoms has been expressed by the current government, but freedom of religion is highly unpopular and violent opposition to it has been promised. Grassroots religion has shifted in a decidedly Islamist and Arabized direction, losing its indigenous Maldivian roots. Pray for the future […]

Prayer Focus for Malaysia – August 25, 2013

by Cindy Riggle

Malaysia, Asia: Religious freedom for all faiths is constitutionally guaranteed despite changes that threaten this. Pray especially that the Christian community may continue to possess the liberty to practice, profess and propagate their faith amid the discrimination and intimidation arising from the process of Islamization currently occurring.  

Prayer Focus for Malawi – August 18, 2013

by Cindy Riggle

Malawi, Africa: The increasing activity of Islam is a significant issue in Malawi. Over 80% of the Yao are Muslim, and make up the largest block of Muslims in Malawi. The Qu’ran has been translated into Chichewa. A Quranic movement (Sukuti) is trying to replace the prevalent Qaddiriya folk Islam with a more scriptural version […]

Prayer Focus for Madagascar – August 11, 2013

by Cindy Riggle

Madagascar, AFRICA: Political troubles and conflict plague this land. Many thought political freedom had arrived with the conclusive defeat of Marxist rhetoric and the ending of civil strife in 2002. The victor of the 2002 and 2006 presidential elections was concerned for the poor but criticized for his autocratic style. He was forced to resign in […]

Prayer Focus for Macedonia – August 4, 2013

by Cindy Riggle

Macedonia, Europe: The Macedonian Orthodox Church claims to represent almost two-thirds of the population, but more than 1,000 churches remain largely empty, and most Macedonians are secular and unreligious in practice. The Macedonian government effectively endorsed this Church’s hegemony by imprisoning the local bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church, from which the Macedonian Orthodox illegitimately […]