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Prayer Focus for Moldova – October 27, 2013

by Cindy Riggle

The influence of the Orthodox Church makes evangelical work difficult. Preaching and planting churches in traditionally Orthodox villages is especially opposed, frequently with violence. Bureaucratic antipathy to any non-Orthodox work means that building and registering churches is a difficult process; houses are usually converted to make new evangelical buildings. Yet there is also life in […]

Prayer Focus for Mexico – Sunday, October 20, 2013

by Cindy Riggle

Challenges for Prayer For 300 years the Catholic Church dominated Mexico. Recent times have seen it stripped of much of its privilege and power, while retaining a high degree of cultural influence. Catholicism in Mexico is very diverse in expression, from liberation theologians to charismatics to conservatives to syncretistic “popular Catholicism”. There is encouraging growth […]

Prayer Focus for Mayotte, Africa – October 13, 2013

by Cindy Riggle

Mayotte, Africa: There is some very small responsiveness to the good news, generally expressed as curiosity more than receptivity. Students and youth, impacted by French/Western social influences, demonstrate the greatest openness. Children who have demonstrated responsiveness to the gospel have been known to be punished for such interest or even taken to live elsewhere in […]

Prayer Focus for Mauritius, Africa – October 6, 2013

by Cindy Riggle

Most older churches face slow decline and are nominal in faith. Roman Catholics are seeing Hindu beliefs and practices make their way into churches in some places. But the charismatic movement is making a big impact on Catholics, with many coming to personal faith in Christ. Many of those impacted formed their own independent groups. […]