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Prayer Focus for Ukraine – March 23, 2014

by Cindy Riggle

Pray for the current situation with the Russian occupation of Crimea, that it will come to a peaceful solution. Communism fell two decades ago, but its effects are still deeply felt. The market economy has actually driven many to poverty while lining the pockets of the elite. Corruption reaches to the highest levels while pensioners, teachers, […]

Prayer Focus for Pakistan – March 16, 2014

by Cindy Riggle

Pakistan, Asia: The Church continues to grow despite many obstacles. In effect, most Christians exist as second-class citizens, coming from poor backgrounds and classes. Pray for: a) Revival. Poverty, illiteracy and lack of teaching have hastened corruption, carnality and lowering spiritual standards. Substance abuse occurs frequently enough among Christians to be a terrible testimony to […]

Prayer Focus for Oman, Asia – March 9, 2014

by Cindy Riggle

Challenge for Prayer Almost the entire Christian population is expatriate. There are four centres where Christians of over 30 denominations or languages meet and where services in many languages are held. There are no restrictions on evangelism among expatriates, and there is a steady stream of conversions among Asians in both the newer and more […]

Prayer Focus for Norway – March 2, 2014

by Cindy Riggle

          Norway, Europe: The formation of independent mission organizations within and without the Lutheran Church is bringing high levels of member-commitment to congregational life and to missions. These groups blend Lutheran heritage with informal Pietist-rooted evangelicalism. The hubs of these movements are found in mission houses – informal nodes of worship, […]