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Prayer Focus for Serbia – Sunday, September 28

by Cindy Riggle

Serbia, Europe: The Serbian Orthodox Church seeks to regain great influence over national life – it has suppressed other Orthodox churches serving ethnic minorities (Romanians, Macedonians and Montenegrins) and pushed for a harsh and self-serving religion law that entrenches mono-ethnic religious groups. Pray for new life within this ancient Church, and that it may turn […]

Prayer Focus for Senegal – Sunday, September 21

by Cindy Riggle

Senegal, Africa: Evangelical believers are few. Their growth rate is slow, and only among the Serer (FLM, AoG), Bassari (AoG), Balanta (WEC, AoG, NTM) and Jola (WEC, IMB, CAPRO) has there been any significant church planting. But members of the fledgling Church are growing confident about their identity in Christ and as evangelicals in Senegal. […]

Prayer Focus for Saudi Arabia – Sunday, September 14

by Cindy Riggle

Saudi Arabia, Asia: Saudi Arabia is the birthplace and stronghold of Islam. From Mecca, Islam holds sway over billions and permeates many cultures. Pray that the Lord would shake this center of spiritual influence and make His Lordship known. If a spiritual breakthrough glorifying Jesus Christ would happen here, it would transform Islam and those […]

Prayer Focus for Sao Tome & Principe – Sunday, September 7

by Cindy Riggle

São Tomé & Principe, Africa: Evangelicals are free to minister and do see significant growth. There are close links with several Portuguese and Brazilian groups, such as the Assemblies of God, the Nazarenes, Deeper Life (Nigeria), YWAM and several others. Pray that their missionaries might have a great impact on these islands. Pray for the […]