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Women’s Workshop – Saturday, November 1, 2014

by Cindy Riggle

“Wherever You Are, Be All There”-Jim Elliot The Impact of Technology on Relationships & Our Wise Response There’s no question that technology has changed our way of life. In what ways does technology help us build relationships? How does it sabotage them? What does the Bible say to us about this uniquely 21st-century issue? How […]

Prayer Focus for Slovenia – Sunday, November 3

by Cindy Riggle

Slovenia, Europe: Evangelicals are few, underfunded and divided. There is an evangelical presence in only 28 out of 210 municipalities, so church planting teams are clearly needed. The tiny evangelical population often reflects the divisive culture of the South Slavs – pray for unity and the formation of an Evangelical Alliance. Of the few dozen […]

Prayer Focus for Slovakia – Sunday, October 26

by Cindy Riggle

Slovakia, Europe: Creative ministry is manifesting itself in many ways, particularly through partnerships between local visionaries and foreign ministries. SIET, IN Network, Integra Ventures and many others move the transforming gospel into the marketplace, into popular and youth culture, into prisons and addiction centers. Pray for even greater vision and fruitfulness for these expressions of […]

Prayer Focus for Singapore – Sunday, October 19

by Cindy Riggle

The growth of the Church in Singapore has been steady and sustained since 1970. Evangelicals in particular increased 20-fold from 1960 to 2010; 1 out of 13 people in Singapore is now evangelical. Independent and charismatic churches represent nearly half of all new churches, and some of them now attract over 20,000 in weekly attendance. […]

Prayer Focus for Sierra Leone – Sunday, October 12

by Cindy Riggle

            Sierra Leone, Africa: Secret societies and their occult influence shape the country profoundly. This spiritual evil lies behind the greed and cruelty of Sierra Leone’s darkest times, and is now at the heart of spiritual and social opposition to education, anti-corruption measures and the empowerment of women. Many Christians […]

Prayer Focus for The Seychelles – Sunday, October 5

by Cindy Riggle

Seychelles, Africa: The vernacular of Seselwa has a translated New Testament (NT), but the shelves are empty – financial troubles and the inability to exchange local currency means a shortfall of NTs and all Christian literature. There is an OT translation team in place. Pray for a solution that enables Seychellois to have access to […]