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Prayer Focus for Turkey – Sunday, March 29

by Cindy Riggle

Turkey, Asia: Pray for: a) Those who are called, equipped and gifted for tentmaking ministries in this land where sharing the gospel must be done with tact and sensitivity, but also with boldness and clarity. Business as mission is a growing area, but faces challenges with visas, taxes and unethical business competition. Being a Christian […]

Prayer Focus for Tunisia – Sunday, March 22

by Cindy Riggle

Tunisia, Africa: Leadership is gradually developing for the groups of national believers, but prayer is needed for their spiritual growth and for more leaders. As in many other countries with nascent churches, the relationship between national and expatriate Christians can benefit from prayer; praise God for the shared vision that does exist for reaching the […]

Prayer Focus for Trinidad and Tobago – Sunday, March 15

by Cindy Riggle

Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean: The nation’s racial diversity could also be considered a racial divide. Inter-ethnic harmony is hindered by racially aligned politics and the activities of several extremist minorities among Muslims, Hindus and some “Christians”. Pray that the government may be impartial and fair to all ethnic groups and that the culture of corruption […]

Prayer Focus for Tonga – Sunday, March 8

by Cindy Riggle

Tonga, Pacific: Tonga has the world’s highest national percentage of Mormons, but possibly the majority of those claimed by Mormons would not consider themselves such. The country’s largest employers are Mormons; many financial perks are on offer for those considering the switch. Pray for the error of this sect to be exposed as such, and […]