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Prayer Focus for USA – Sunday, May 24

by Cindy Riggle

USA:  The American Church needs revival – not the slick mass evangelism and theatrics associated with the word, but true revival with conviction of sin, repentance and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. More often than not, the public face of Christianity turns people away from Jesus rather than drawing them to Him. The gospel […]

Prayer Focus for United Kingdom – Sunday, May 17

by Cindy Riggle

United Kingdom, Europe:  Christianity is increasingly marginalized by a hostile media and public mood. Christian morality and belief in the uniqueness of Jesus are labelled “intolerant”. Government regulations make it increasingly difficult to minister in the public arena. Many believe serious persecution is not far off. Pray that believers may recognize and address the decline […]

Prayer Focus for United Arab Emirates – Sunday, May 10

by Cindy Riggle

United Arab Emirates, Asia:  The unreached: The indigenous Arab population. Both urban educated and rural illiterate (including the semi-nomadic Bedouin) have limited meaningful access to the gospel. The Arab believing population is increasing, however, though not without significant risk to their livelihood and safety. Discipleship for these believers and opportunities for fellowship are great needs. […]

Prayer Focus for Ukraine – Sunday, May 3

by Cindy Riggle

Ukraine, Europe: The Greek or Uniate Catholic Church, which follows the Orthodox liturgy and structure but accepts the leadership of the Pope, is large. There is much competition for limited resources, reacquired buildings and dwindling populations. Superstition and superficiality are widespread, but those with a love for God and the Scriptures remain faithful. Pray that […]