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Prayer Focus for Venezuela – Sunday, June 28

by Cindy Riggle

Venezuela, Latin America: Challenges facing the churches. The need is for: a) Commitment to discipleship. Confronted with poverty, political activism and outright spiritual warfare, believers need to make wise choices. A life of true discipleship is not easy, and full-time ministry is even more of a challenge. b) Unity is essential for further growth and […]

Prayer Focus for Vanuatu – Sunday, June 21

by Cindy Riggle

Vanuatu, Pacific: Vanuatu’s motto is “In God We Stand”. Pray that leaders of this complex little nation may be examples in doing so. Committed Christians played a major role in attaining independence, and they continue to help lead the country – not least is the President himself. The Protestant Church is numerically strong. Presbyterians are […]

Prayer Focus for Uzbekistan – Sunday, June 14

by Cindy Riggle

Uzbekistan, Asia: The unreached. Only a small fraction of the Muslim majority have ever had the opportunity to hear the gospel. Almost every Muslim people group is less than 0.1% Christian. For more information visit

Prayer Focus for the Virgin Islands – Sunday, June 7

by Cindy Riggle

Virgin Islands of the U.S.A., Caribbean: Tourism and the influx of wealth affect society profoundly, corroding its moral fabric. Pray that the gospel might impact society, personal lifestyles and family life. For more information visit

Prayer Focus for Uruguay – Sunday, May 31

by Cindy Riggle

Challenges for Prayer Missions vision is still limited, but interest is growing. At least two Uruguayan mission agencies send workers (Avance and Desafio Mundial). There are active international sending bodies such as OM, YWAM, Baptists and AoG. Pray for the growth in Uruguay to mature into a vibrant missionary-sending movement. The less-reached: a) The Jews […]