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Prayer Focus for Andorra – Sunday, August 30

by Cindy Riggle

Andorra, Europe: Materialism holds Andorra in a tight grip. Formerly a smugglers’ refuge, Andorra now attracts well-heeled tourists, financiers and those taking advantage of duty-free goods. Pray that empty materialism would be seen as the ultimately unfulfilling falsehood that it is.For more information visit

Ladies Bible Studies – Fall 2015

by Cindy Riggle

Crossroads Ladies Fall Bible Studies are ready to begin!! Sunday Evenings, beginning September 20th Time: 7:30-9:30 p.m. Location: Dorothy Carroll’s Home 15232 Streamside Court, Dumfries Contact: Dorothy Carroll, 571-330-8597 Book: The Gospel of Mark Focus: Discipleship in Mark’s Gospel (Following Christ in light of who we are and who he is)   Tuesday Mornings, […]

Prayer Focus for American Samoa – Sunday, August 23

by Cindy Riggle

American Samoa, Pacific: American Samoa enjoys a higher economic status than Samoa to its west, but suffers the concomitant materialism. Pray that the indigenous people (and their relatives in diaspora) may find their destiny in wholehearted commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. For more information visit

Prayer Focus for Algeria – Sunday, August 16

by Cindy Riggle

Algeria, Africa: Algerians in Europe exceed four million; many are there illegally. They are more accessible to the gospel in Europe, but also to Islamic preaching. Pray for the network of agencies and churches seeking to reach them (AWM, WEC, Avant and others). Pray for discipling of individuals and planting of Arabic- and Berber-speaking congregations […]

Prayer Focus for Albania – Sunday, August 9

by Cindy Riggle

Albania, Europe: Evangelism and church planting. There are still many towns and villages without an evangelical presence, and where there is one, signs of second-generation spiritual lapses are already apparent. Pray for the good news to continue to spread. The Albanian Church Planters Mission was formed to prepare evangelists for this express purpose. Pray also […]

Prayer Focus for Afghanistan – Sunday, August 2

by Cindy Riggle

Afghanistan, Asia: The upheaval of the last 30 years reduced the country to ruin and destitution. The Soviets (1979-89), the Mujahedeen (1992-96) and the Taliban (1996-2001) all perpetuated different problems and failed to build up the nation. Over one million died and an estimated four million children were orphaned. Though the country still suffers from […]