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Prayer Focus for Azerbaijan – Sunday, November 1

by Cindy Riggle

Azerbaijan, Asia: Draconian registration laws enacted in 2010 make life difficult not just for most Christian groups, but also for other faiths, including Muslims. The government seeks to regulate and restrict religious practice, which it evidently sees as a threat. There are now harsh legal restrictions against religious groups who teach children or who produce […]

ACTS Operation Turkey 2015

by Cindy Riggle

    ACTS Operation Turkey 2015 Please collect the following items for the Thanksgiving meals that will go to those in our community who are counting on us to help them celebrate:  Corn Green Beans Sweet Potatoes Box Muffin or Biscuit Mix Gravy packets or jars Cranberry Sauce Instant Mashed Potatoes Macaroni and Cheese Pumpkin […]

Prayer Focus for Austria – Sunday, October 25

by Cindy Riggle

Austria, Europe: Almost all church growth occurs within evangelical/charismatic churches. Pentecostal churches nearly doubled between 2000 and 2010. Even so, all evangelicals number only 0.5% of the population. Pray for further multiplication of congregations where the Lord Jesus Christ is proclaimed and honoured. Pray also for the efforts of the Runde Tisch (WdV) working across […]

Prayer Focus for Australia – Sunday, October 18

by Cindy Riggle

Australia, Pacfic: Student ministry is one area needing greater attention. Witness to the nearly 600,000 students in 40 universities and many more colleges has had some impact, but not nearly as much as potential would allow. AFES(IFES) is on almost every campus (with 53 groups and nearly 100 workers/volunteers), Student Life (CCCI) is on over […]

Prayer Focus for Aruba – Sunday, October 11

by Cindy Riggle

Aruba, Caribbean: Unity among believers is a key issue for the diverse churches in Aruba. Division can undermine any numerical growth of believers. The greatest threat to this unity is the importation of alien theology, church culture and preaching style common among the televangelists and prosperity preachers seen on foreign Christian TV. Praise God for […]

Prayer Focus for Armenia – Sunday, October 4

by Cindy Riggle

Armenia, Asia: The control of Nagorno-Karabakh, now functionally independent, is unresolved and a millstone around the necks of all involved. Refugees on both sides of the conflict (250,000 Armenians from Azerbaijan, and 530,000 Azeris from Armenia and western Azerbaijan) are still displaced. Although the armed cease-fire has held, all diplomatic solutions have failed. Both nations […]