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Prayer Focus for Belarus – Sunday, November 29

by Cindy Riggle

Belarus, Europe: Foreign missionary presence is slowly being squeezed out by refusing visas for foreign religious workers; Catholic missionaries have been the most frequent victims of this approach. Even Slavs from neighbouring countries who have been specifically invited by churches to teach are often refused permission. Pray for divine openings and opportunities for those God […]

Prayer Focus for Barbados – Sunday, November 22

by Cindy Riggle

Barbados, Caribbean: The Church needs God’s intervention. While unity is growing, there is still some mistrust among denominational leaders, particularly between the established denominations and the many fast-growing independent churches and congregations. Pray for a genuine commitment to fellowship and prayer by those in Christian ministry. Pray for the Barbados Evangelical Association and Barbados Christian […]

Prayer Focus for Bangladesh – Sunday, November 15

by Cindy Riggle

Bangladesh, Asia: Religious discrimination and tension is rising. Islamists, while a small minority, exert increasing pressure for governance by shari’a principles. Minority groups, even Muslim ones, find themselves vulnerable. Christians, Buddhists and especially Hindus suffer as persecution intensifies, occasionally to the point of destruction of property and sometimes even death. Forced reconversion to Islam is […]

Prayer Focus for Bahrain – Sunday, November 8

by Cindy Riggle

Bahrain, Asia: The labour force is 59% foreign, drawn from more than 50 nations. Most are on temporary contracts and often must endure poor treatment, poor pay and unrealistic expectations from back home. Pray that Christians within these national groups may win people for Christ. The less evangelized of these expatriate communities are Iranians, Sri […]