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Prayer Focus for Colombia – Sunday, April 24

by Cindy Riggle

The Roman Catholic Church has seen its role and influence greatly decrease since the 1991 constitution ensured the religious freedom of other groups. The great increase of evangelicals has been at the expense of Catholicism, especially among the poor. The majority of Catholics are strongly traditional, but widely nominal; only 25% practice their faith. There […]

Prayer Focus for Hong Kong, China – Sunday, April 17

by Cindy Riggle

China, Hong Kong, Asia: Church growth, rapid in the 1960s, slowed in the 1980s and again in the 21st Century. High emigration in the 1990s and following (19% of Christians) was offset by new believers coming into the Church. Hong Kong’s high pressure, competitive environment regarding living space, work hours and education as well as […]

Prayer Focus for Chile – Sunday, April 10

by Cindy Riggle

Chile, South America: The Chilean Church lacks missions vision. Its contribution for its size is very small, with little concern for world evangelization. The country’s geographical and spiritual isolation and political upheaval all contribute to this deficiency. By setting up missions’ training programs, and locally based mission agencies have influenced the Latin American mission’s movement […]

Prayer Focus for Chad – Sunday, April 3

by Cindy Riggle

Chad, Africa: The number of Muslims seeking to know more of Christ continues to grow. Groups of believers from Muslim backgrounds are slowly beginning to multiply. The development of culturally helpful resources such as chronological Bible storying and Chadian Arabic Christian radio makes a huge difference. Challenge for Prayer The ascendancy of Islam has increased in the […]