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Prayer Focus for Egypt – Sunday, July 3

by Cindy Riggle

Egypt is arguably the intellectual centre of Sunni Islam, and Islamist groups such as The Brotherhood have grown greatly as they push for a more Islamic state. Their slogan (now “illegal”), “Islam is the solution”, will never actually be tested unless they attain power. The stridency and harshness of some of their teachings and actions […]

Prayer Focus for Ecuador – Sunday, June 26

by Cindy Riggle

Ecuador, Latin America: Bible translation and distribution. Ecuador was one of the first countries entered by WBT. They were involved in 12 NT translation projects before they were obliged to withdraw. Pray for completion of translation programs in progress. Pray for the effective use of the Bibles and NTs now available; some Ecuadorians still copy the Bible […]

Prayer Focus for Dominica – Sunday, June 19

by Cindy Riggle

Dominica, Caribbean: Practicing Catholics have substantially decreased in recent years, indicating a high degree of nominalism. Pray for those who still adhere to Catholicism and those who have disaffiliated themselves, that the Holy Spirit might speak to their hearts about the reality of the gospel. For more information, go to  

Germans, Americans, and Russians: United in Christ, Working for Peace | July 2016

by Rob Jinks

RUSSIAN AND GERMAN MISSIONARIES COMING TO VIRGINIA JULY 8-JULY 18, 2016 This July, missionaries from the former East Germany and Russia will be making a historic trip to Dumfries, VA to work with members of Crossroads Presbyterian Church for a series of work projects in Prince William County. Crossroads has partnered with two “sister” churches, a Baptist […]

Prayer Focus for Djibouti – Sunday, June 12

by Cindy Riggle

Djibouti, Africa: Pray that contacts lead to disciples for Jesus. Pray for God to send long-term workers, especially from nearby countries and people groups. Pray for unprecedented spiritual breakthroughs, long-awaited but as yet unseen. There is notable interest in Christianity from a small but increasing number of locals. For more information, go to

Prayer Focus for Denmark – Sunday, June 5

by Cindy Riggle

Denmark, Europe: Denmark retains a core of Christian tradition and values. They are deeply ingrained in Danish social laws and values. Over 80% of the population remain members of the Lutheran Church (despite the fact that over 50% are reported to be agnostic or atheist). Pray that more Danes will rediscover the faith that has […]