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Prayer Focus for Estonia – Sunday, July 31

by Cindy Riggle

Estonia is a former-Soviet success story, as the small nation transitions to a more Western economy and political structure. However, poverty is not vanquished, and materialism’s influence grows. There is a crisis of values, recognized even by the media and the state, as secularism and pluralism tighten their grip. Pray for righteousness and biblical values […]

Prayer Focus for Eritrea – Sunday, July 24

by Cindy Riggle

Pray for the less reached, specifically for: a) The Tigre, mostly Muslim, and one of only a few Eritrean or Ethiopian Semitic peoples who are not Orthodox. They are related to the Tigrinya, but culturally distant from them. The Bible is available, but there are few Christians. b) The Jabarti – a Muslim minority among […]

Prayer Focus for Equatorial Guinea – Sunday, July 17

by Cindy Riggle

The vast majority are Roman Catholic, the highest percentage of any African nation. But beneath the surface of the imposed colonial religion lies the reality that animistic beliefs and practices were never abandoned. Pray that the 85% who claim Christianity – without having been born again – might hear and respond to the true gospel […]

Prayer Focus for El Salvador – Sunday, July 10

by Cindy Riggle

Recovery from the social and psychological wounds of centuries of oppression and 12 years of civil war is a priority. The web of violence, hate, suspicion, atrocities and murder will take time to unravel. At the height of the war, 20% of the population fled the country, and the USA poured in $6 billion to […]