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Ladies Bible Studies – Fall 2016

by Cindy Riggle

Sunday Evenings (Beginning September 25th) Time: 7:30-9:00 p.m. Location: Kimberly Haney’s Home 17822 Oyster Bay Court, Dumfries Contact: Kimberly Haney, 571-432-8195 Focus: The Armor of God    Tuesday Mornings (Beginning September 20th) Time: 9:30-11:30 a.m. Location: Barbara Willsher’s Home 13891 Calico Lane, Manassas Contact: Nancy Sampson, 703-909-1517 Book: The Promised One: Seeing Jesus […]

Prayer Focus for Finland – Sunday, August 28

by Cindy Riggle

Finland, Europe: The heritage of sending missionaries is under threat. The strength of mission sending has largely been through parachurch agencies or independent movements within the larger Lutheran framework. The churches need to catch a missions vision and become more involved in the sending process, rather than relying totally on agencies. But an over-centralization of […]

Prayer Focus for Fiji – Sunday, August 21

by Cindy Riggle

Fiji, Pacific: The Methodist Church has been the de facto state church in Fiji for 150 years as well as the faith of the majority of ethnic Fijians. It has also been tightly aligned with the nation’s political structures – to the detriment of the gospel. Methodism’s past failure to adequately condemn the endemic racism […]

Christian Education Classes – Fall 2016

by Cindy Riggle

Christian Education – Fall 2016 Sundays from 11:15 – 12:15 September 4 – November 27   Babies, Toddlers & Moms (Moms with children Ages 2 & under) Bible study for moms with children 2 & under. Led by Michelle Kessler Preschool (Ages 3–4) In this quarter, children will learn of God’s promises of redemption, blessing, […]

Prayer Focus for Falkland Islands – Sunday, August 14

by Cindy Riggle

Falkland Islands, Latin America: There are only three significant denominations among the Islanders (Anglican, Roman Catholic and Tabernacle United Free Church). Most of the population are very nominal in what faith they may have. Pray for a renewal of faith in all three of these groups. Pray for believers in their witness to fellow Islanders […]

Prayer Focus for Ethiopia – Sunday, August 7

by Cindy Riggle

Ethiopia, Africa: The nation continues to be torn with social, political and economic crises: a) Hostilities with neighbors Eritrea and Somalia cripple efforts to revive and modernize the country. The Eritrean war was immensely costly in money and lives for no real gain. Embroilment in the civil conflict in Somalia could become a huge expense. […]