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Prayer Focus for Greenland – Sunday, October 30

by Cindy Riggle

Greenland, Europe: Special ministries: a) A new and more contemporary version of the Bible in Greenlandic was released in 2001 – pray that many will read it and be changed. b) The JESUS film was translated into the Greenlandic language, it has received widespread distribution, impacting many. c) Training for leaders and counsellors. With such […]

Prayer Focus for Greece – Sunday, October 23

by Cindy Riggle

Greece, Europe: Foreign missions have not found Greece to be an easy field because of strong nationalism, visa restrictions and the high degree of cultural adaptation required. A general lack of responsiveness (or outright hostility) means that calling must be certain to endure long-term. Greece’s EU membership facilitates the residence of missionaries from other member […]

Prayer Focus for Gibraltar – Sunday, October 16

by Cindy Riggle

Gibraltar, Europe: Muslims working in or visiting Gibraltar are very open to receive Christian material and to hear about Jesus; pray that this opportunity might be utilized sensitively but decisively. Pray for effective methods of reaching them and for more workers for this rare opportunity. For more information, go to  

Prayer Focus for Ghana – Sunday, October 9

by Cindy Riggle

Ghana, Africa: Christianity has long been established in the south. About 63% of Ghanaians call themselves Christian, but many have only a tenuous link to a church, and attendance figures rarely top 10%. African traditional worldviews and practices too often lie beneath a veneer of Christianity; this dual spirituality is the greatest challenge to the […]

Prayer Focus for Germany – Sunday, October 2

by Cindy Riggle

Germany, Europe: The nation’s spiritual health is failing. Humanism and destructive criticism of the Bible in the 19th Century enfeebled churches and opened the way to compromise and to pagan Nazi tyranny in the 20th. Post-war dynamics accelerated the secularization and de-Christianization of society. Symptoms of this sickness are: a) The marginalization of Christianity. The […]