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Prayer Focus for Guatemala – Sunday, November 27

by Cindy Riggle

Guatemala, Latin America: The future of evangelicalism is uncertain. While there has been great growth since the 1960s, especially among Pentecostals, much of this growth is superficial, impressive only in number. Discipleship is sorely lacking as a deep value in most evangelical churches. Syncretism is nearly as common in many evangelical churches – particularly among […]

Prayer Focus for Guam – Sunday, November 20

by Cindy Riggle

Guam, US Territory: Missionary outreach from Guam is beginning to occur. The churches have the capacity and desire to send missionaries to the Pacific nations, and the increasing influx of tourists from Japan, Korea and elsewhere makes for witnessing opportunities right at home. For more information, go to

Prayer Focus for Guadeloupe – Sunday, November 13

by Cindy Riggle

  Guadeloupe, Caribbean: Pray for Areas and peoples less reached with the gospel: a) The outlying islands are less evangelized – Marie Galante, Les Saintes and La Désirade. WT/Evangelical Church work on these islands. But island communities are closely knit, making it difficult for believers to break with tradition. Those of Asian descent – most […]

Prayer Focus for Grenada – Sunday, November 6

by Cindy Riggle

Grenada, Caribbean: The Grenadian diaspora is large, numbering possibly twice as many as those living in the country. The weak economy is the major cause of emigration, exacerbating the challenges of urbanization and a listless, dissatisfied younger generation. For more information, go to