Mark your calendars!


Fellowship Event & Mission Trip Fundraiser

Saturday, May 3rd: 6-9pm

Dumfries Boys & Girls Club

Best Table Competition Theme

Minor Holidays


 What is a Trivia Night? Gather your friends, neighbors, families, and fellow congregants to create tables of 8-10. You and your table mates chip in together to decorate your table and provide a small pot-luck style dinner for yourselves (just for you & your table mates). Drinks and light refreshments will be provided for everyone by the fellowship committee. Tables compete against each other in several rounds of trivia.

How can I sign up?

  • Fill out the back of this form and place it in the offering plate or return it to Dorothy Carroll.
  • Email Dorothy Carroll:
  • Requested min. donation (collected at the event): $10/person; $35 for families of 4+.


How can I help?

  • Sign up to attend, and bring your family, friends, neighbors!
  • Donate items or baked goods to the Silent Auction!
  • Donate funds to this year’s mission team!
  • If you plan to attend Trivia Night, please consider hosting a table. Check the box below and return this form in the offering plate (or give it to Dorothy Carroll) if you are interested.


¨ I will host a table of 8-10!

Name:  _______________________________ (This means you will find the other 7-9 people to fill your table. They can, but do not have to be, other people from Crossroads. You should coordinate with your table mates to plan dinner & decorations for your table. Drinks & light snacks will be provided.)


If you are hosting a table and know what your table’s theme will be, please write it below. Pick any minor holiday (as long as it hasn’t already been picked) as your theme.




Questions? Contact Dorothy Carroll (