Friendship Class

Why do we need special needs ministries?

The Mission to North America (MNA) describes the church as disabled because the spiritual needs of individuals with differing abilities are not consistently addressed within the church body. Life is better for all of us when the body of Christ incorporates all of the differing abilities of its various members. We want all people to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

How are we addressing these differing needs?

The Friendship class is the primary way we are currently addressing the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. It is a wonderful opportunity for those with differing abilities to learn about the gospel and other lessons from God’s Word but we know we need more.

We do ask that you or a family member complete a questionnaire to help us understand the needs of each individual. Through identified needs, we hope to encourage equal access for people with disabilities in the body of Christ.
What can I do to help?

  • Pray that God will direct us according to His Will for advancing the Kingdom of God to all people with disabilities.
  • Volunteer! We are now in need of mentors for our Friendship class. Each week, we ask you to visit the class and see what we are doing. Please call Peggy Van Lowe at 703-590-1821 or email, if you are interested or just drop by the class on Sunday morning.
  • Invite! If you know of families with a member with disabilities who is not attending a church, please invite them to come to Crossroads.

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