Sermons from May 2015

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The Passionate Spirit-ual Practices of Prayer


What are your present habits of prayer? Read 1 Corinthians 12:12-31. John Donne an English poet from the same period as Shakespeare wrote, “No man is an island, entire of itself; Every man is a piece of a continent, a part of the main.” How does this reflect the Bible’s teaching about the Church being […]

Pentecost – Joel 2:18-32


What point did you find helpful and encouraging from the sermon? Did it bring you hope? Tim pointed out that Joel 2:17-32 was fulfilled in one person first – Jesus Christ. The ultimate day of the LORD’s wrath is still to come upon all his enemies outside of (i.e., not trusting in) Christ. The ultimate […]

The Hospitality of Gathered Worship


Who is someone that comes to mind when considering the theme of “hospitality”? Is there someone who comes to mind who is the opposite of “welcoming”? Tell a story to explain. In Romans 14:3 and 15:7 Paul writes that God the Father and the Son have welcomed the people of God. How has Jesus Christ […]

Gathered Worship Has a Flow (No Audio Recording)


The Flow of Gathered Worship at Crossroads What stood out to you from the sermon Sunday? Have you worshiped at churches that had a flow somewhat like the revivalist movement? (Prayer –> Song –> Song –> Prayer –> Sermon –> Altar Call –> Prayer –> Song). What did you like about it? What are the […]