Ladies, Spring Bible Studies have started. Both groups will be studying the book Practicing Hospitality: The Joy of Serving Others by Pat Ennis and Lisa Tatlock. Read what others have said of this book:
What makes a person or a home hospitable? Does hospitality call for a beautifully decorated home and a menu filled with gourmet foods, or can it be as simple as offering a friend a cup of tea?
Pat Ennis and Lisa Tatlock have served a rich fare of biblical teaching and practical application. With comprehensive scope and depth, this book provides tremendous motivation for obeying the biblical commands to practice hospitality-motivation rooted in the character and ways of God himself. Each chapter concludes with insightful questions and Bible studies, as well as practical tips and recipes. Practicing Hospitality will help readers grow in understanding and carrying out the biblical mandate of Christian hospitality in ways that honor the Lord.
The Manassas study meets at 9:30am, at Barbara Wilsher’s home. Several women will be co-leading the study. 
The Stafford/Quantico group meets at Christina Bartholomew’s home  from 1:00 – 3:00pm, with Rebecca McAfee leading the study. Childcare will be provided.
April 8 and 9th we will once again be meeting at Massanetta Springs Retreat Center near Harrisonburg, VA, for our annual Women’s Retreat. We will be following up on what we have learned about hospitality in our Bible Studies with plenty of laughter and fellowship along the way!