Summer Christian Education Classes – June 6 – August 29

Summer 2010 Christian Education Classes on Sundays 9:15–10:15a.m.

June 6, 2010 through August 29, 2010

 Children (Age 2 through 6th grade)

1.   Nursery (Ages 2–4).  Students will learn about the birth and stories of Jesus, God’s Son, in the New Testament.  Taught by Marcy Naylor and Andrea Williams in Room 130.

2.   Grades K–3.  Studying God’s Word – Taught by Tina Willsher  in Room 132.

3.   Grades 4–6.  Telling Others – Taught by Alix Davis in Room 134.


1.         Hebrews.  Have you wondered how old and new testament views of the Messiah were connected? Have you considered what the Bible says about what you should think about how Christ is supreme?

For answers to these and many other questions prayerfully consider the upcoming class study in Hebrews!

In this passage of Scripture we see the importance of godly love that surpasses knowledge. To obtain this love of Christ we need Christ to dwell in our hearts. To have Christ in our hearts we need to be strengthened with power through His Spirit in our inner being.   Bowing knees in prayer before the Father, we can ask Him to strengthen us with power through His Spirit in our inner being.

Crossroads desires that our fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ be strengthened in knowing the love of God so that we can grow in our love for others and increasingly make Christ known.

For the next quarter of Christian Education at Crossroads we will be offering one class for the teens and adults. “A Study in Hebrews” will be led by Joe Dobbels in Room 113.

 The format of this class will include:

  • Introduction to weekly discussion.
  • Review of previous discussion.
  • Prayer in class for helping us to Glorify God. 

 2.   Friendship Class (Special Needs).  God, Our Father – Focuses on the Old Testament to learn of God’s creation, God’s relationship with his people, and God’s promise to send a Savior.  Taught by a group teacher and one adult/teen mentor for each student in Room 104.

Crossroads Youth Sunday Night Live – Summer Series

On July 11 and 25 Crossroads Youth Sunday Night Live – Summer Video Teaching Series will be held at 6:00p.m. to 8:30p.m. at the Moore’s home (3898 Silk Tree Ct. Woodbridge, 22193).  For more details call Jim Neice at 703-730-3281.


Graduation Party – Sunday, May 23

Everyone is invited to Daniel Tapolcai’s graduation party! It is an open house luncheon from 2p.m. to 6p.m. at 4505 Javins Place, Woodbridge, Va Sunday May 23rd. If you have any questions, please call Bill or Peggy at(703) 730-9315


Local Mission Project – Saturday, May 8, 2010

Please come and join us on Saturday, May 8th from 9:00 am until 11:00 am for a local mission project to help provide food for the hungry.

The Society of St. Andrew works with farmers, volunteers, church, individual supporters, and hunger relief agencies to bridge the hunger gap by simply salvaging fresh food that would otherwise go to waste and deliver it to those in need. This hands-on project will be held outside and is designed to bag 40,000 pounds of cabbages gleaned from a field in Virginia that could not be sold to grocers due to imperfections, however still nutritionally viable.


Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, 14999 Birchdale Ave, 22193

703- 670-6127

Wear a hat, gloves, and sunscreen!  We hope to see you there.

Please contact Carolyn Ritschard at 703 670 8971 if you have any questions