Swing Dance Event – Friday, June 1st

Crossroads youth group invites anyone 12 and up to join us for an awesome evening of Swing Dancing!
The Kiihne’s will be giving a swing dance lesson during this event.

When and Where?
Friday, June 1st from 7 -10 pm
13201 Perkins st.
Quantico VA 22134

No charge at all.
Feel free to bring friends!

Any Questions?
Contact Lorna Williams at:
(703) 895-4079

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Four Lesson Study: Live Different – What the Bible Says about Sex and Holiness

Today’s teenager lives in a hyper-sexualized society. And while sexual immorality has plagued humankind virtually forever, we seem to be in the midst of an age where the glamorization of sex is unprecedented. Teenagers are bombarded by messages about sex and sexual behavior. What does our culture say to teenagers about sex? Culture says sex is part of who you are, and that a teenager’s sexuality is simply one facet of his or her identity. Culture says sexual expression is an important aspect of being young. But most importantly, culture says that sex between two consenting teenagers is OK, if not normal. As long as sex is not coercive, marriage, and maybe even love, doesn’t really matter. The problem is that this flies in the face of how the Bible talks about sex and sexual expression. It’s imperative that teenagers learn God’s intention for how they are to make choices about sex and sexuality.

Summer Christian Education Classes

Summer 2012 Christian Education Classes
Join us for our Christian Education classes Sundays at 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

May 27, 2012 through August 26, 2012 Classes offered:

Children (Age 2 through 6th grade)
1. Preschool (Ages 2–4). From the New Testament, students will learn about the birth and life of Jesus, God’s Son. Taught by Andrea Williams.
2. Younger Elementary (Grades K–3). Studying God’s Word – The Bible as God’s Word and its place in our lives. Taught by Kevin and Rachael McMullen.
3. Older Elementary (Grades 4–6). 1 Samuel to Esther – The kings of Israel and Judah, the captivity in Babylon and the returned exiles. Taught by Josh Kiihne.


1. Missions Part II – God’s Cross-cultural Mission. We live on a constantly spinning globe among ever changing societies and yet serve a God who has an unchanging mission. Learn how we can best participate with God in making the glory of Jesus Christ known to those in our culture and beyond. This class is a requirement for those serving on the Cherokee mission team. Taught by multiple teachers.

2. Friendship Class (Special Needs). Telling Your Friends About Jesus and Caring for God’s World – These lessons emphasize the importance of having friends, introduce Jesus as our best friend, and encourage friends to tell their friends about him. In addition, the class focuses on God as the Creator of the world and His desire for us to take care of it. Taught by a group teacher and one adult/teen mentor for each student.

Crossroads Music Ministry

Singing praises together as one body is one of the great joys of the Christian life, and we at Crossroads love joining together to worship. Pastor Sampson often reminds us that the Christian life isn’t meant to be a solo sport — isn’t this especially true of corporate worship? In worship we lift our hearts individually but also together as one body, joining our many voices together into one voice, giving God the honor and praise that belongs to Him.
This month we will learn a new song from Red Mountain Music from their December 2010 album, “All Things New.” It’s actually an old hymn, written in the 1700s but rewritten musically for us by Red Mountain Music. The song is “Come All Ye Pining” and you can see from the lyrics of the chorus that it speaks of our longing for finding our true home in Jesus: “Come all ye pining, hungry, poor, the Savior’s bounty taste, Behold a never-failing store, for every willing guest.”
You can find more information about this album or the song at itunes or at the Red Mountain Music website. Enjoy