Accrediting Authority, Widening Horizons – Mark 1:29-34

Did last week’s sermon prompt any questions or trains of thought?

The main point of the sermon was that Jesus certifies his authoritative right to disciple the world and thereby broadens our horizons for what it means to come under his authority as disciples.

Read Mark 1:21-34

How did Jesus certify or accredit his authoritative claims in Mark 1:21-34?

Watch A.J. Miller claiming to be Jesus during his interview with “Mary Magdalene”.

How does he certify the authority he claims? On what basis does he claim we should believe he is Jesus?

With every word or miracle of Jesus Peter’s horizons are broadened regarding what following Jesus means.

How has Jesus broadened your horizons regarding discipleship? In the area of scholarship, religious or otherwise? In the area of the invisible creation? In the arena of the visible creation? In the area of seasons or time?

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