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 Apologetics (the study of how to defend our faith with the world around us) is gaining increasing attention these days, as the non-Christian becomes bolder in its assaults on Christianity and as some church-goers are migrating away from Christianity.  The following link is to an announcement of a FREE seminar on apologetics offered by the C. S. Lewis Institute this Friday evening and Saturday morning at McLean Presbyterian Church (PCA).  The title of the seminar is “How Accurate Is The Bible” and the speaker is Dr. Ken Boa.  He will address some of the following questions:

  • Isn’t the Bible full of contradictions and errors?
  • The Bible has been copied and translated so many times-hasn’t this process led to errors?
  • How can you be sure that the Bible is the same now as when it was written?
  • Didn’t the church arbitrarily decide which books should be included in the Bible and which books should be rejected?
  • So many people have different interpretations of the Bible – what makes you think that yours is correct?
  • How can you place your faith in a book that condones genocide and slavery?
  • Doesn’t the Bible make a number of claims that are scientifically inaccurate?

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