Disturbing the Peace? – Genesis 41:50-45

1. We’ve heard about Joseph’s and others dreams the past few weeks. Not to say your dream was intended to tell the future, but what is an interesting dream you’ve had in your life? Do you remember the characters, setting and plot? Describe for the group.

2. Were you disturbed or comforted by the message that God will disturb false peace in order to achieve true peace?

3. What is “false peace”?

4. What, then, is “true peace”?

5. How does this help to make sense out of Jesus’ teaching that “blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God”?

6. How is it true that we are like our Father (sons of God) when we seek reconciliation? Restricting ourselves to Genesis, how has God shown he wants reconciliation in history?

7. Have you ever known someone who would rather live with false peace than pursue true peace through reconciliation?

8. Have you seen reconciliation happen in a church?

9. Have you tried and succeeded or failed in true peacemaking? How?

10. Why is peacemaking a particularly important aspect of adult Spirit-ual formation?

11. Do you see where God might be graciously working events so that you might pursue true peace in conflicted relationships?

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