Eyewitness Testimony Translated – Mark 3:7-21

Mark 3:13-21 & the Twelve

• The Gospel of Mark is an ancient biography. In an ancient biography there was one hero who was to be admired and imitated. How has Jesus thus far shown himself to be the hero? How has he been understood to be something other than the hero by the scribes and Pharisees?

Jesus and His Twelve Disciples by Sadao Wantanabe

Jesus and His Twelve Disciples by Sadao Wantanabe

• According to Mark 3:14 and Acts 1:21-22 what is unique to the calling of the twelve apostles which sets them apart from other early followers of Christ? What else is unique to the Twelve in Mark 6:7 and 12? What are some of the transferable principles that apply to all disciples that underlie these unique aspects?

“Jesus called the Twelve to be with him so that he could give them specialized training for the role of assisting him in his earthly ministry as well as training that would equip them for their future role as apostles after his ascension. They were separated from their occupations, their families, and their regular activities so that for a period of time, somewhere around three years, they could be trained by Jesus.” from Following the Master by Wilkins

• Would you say that the Twelve were in a “Christian Bubble”? Why and if so how?  How does Acts 6:2-4 help us see Jesus’ long-term goal for them?

• What did Tim mean when he said that the Gospel according to Mark is “Eyewitness Testimony Translated” How does that relate to the Bible being both reliable and relevant? Where and when in your life do you have opportunity to speak for the reliability and/or the relevance of Scripture?

• The Twelve’s testimony guides us into the real Jesus so that by his impact upon us we can be a fully functioning hand wherever we are. (A guide into union with Christ for the sake of the world). Why then would understanding the gospel as information transfer be an insufficient appreciation of the Gospel?  Since the Gospel is not just information that fell out of the sky does that help you to sense a smile at the other end of the communication?

• Jesus chose Twelve to be with him more than the other disciples and three of the Twelve to be with him even more. Why is this a loving action on Jesus’ part?

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