Prayer Focus for Angola – Sunday, September 6

AngolaAngola, Africa: The Church, despite great growth, has not emerged unscathed from decades of conflict. Much prayer is needed, specifically for: a) Forgiveness and love in action. The Church must be at the forefront of activities aimed to overcome the longstanding tribal loyalties and partisan politics. Such forgiveness must include many who perpetrated crimes against Christians and Christians who compromised under pressure. b) The right relationship between Church and state. Religious freedom is a blessing, but Angola has a reputation for having dangerous syncretistic cults that mix elements of Christianity with animistic tribal religions. The government attempts to encourage the work of established and reputable denominations, while limiting the effects of the cults. c) Christ-like, holy living by followers of the Lord Jesus that commends the gospel to unbelievers and passionately reaches out to their disillusioned, apathetic neighbours – non-practising Christians number in the millions. For more information visit

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