Prayer Focus for Tanzania – Sunday, February 1

 Tanzania, Africa: Missionaries continue to play a strategically vital role, even as they are increasingly replaced by capable national workers. They serve in a wide range of ministries in outreach, church support, training and specialist ministries. Major mission agencies are IMB, YWAM, AIM, Missionshaus Bibelschule, Swedish Pentecostal Church, Danish Lutheran Church.

Bible translation is an urgent need finally being addressed. Widespread use of Swahili masked the need for further translations. Still, 51 languages have no Scripture at all and a further 32 have only portions. Several agencies focus on translation: The Bible Society, Pioneer Bible Translators and Word for the World among them. Pray for more translation teams, including Tanzanians and foreigners, for projects to be finished quickly and well, and for the necessary literacy programmes to accompany the translations.  (



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