Sustenance Despite Sin – Mark 2:23-28


“David and Ahimelech” by James Tissot

Read Mark 2:23-28

What do you most remember from the sermon?

How does Jesus use the story of David and the bread of the Presence (1 Samuel 21:1-6) to argue for the kingdom of God being established despite human disregard for God’s holiness?

Why is that such an important thing to keep in mind?

How can things go wrong if we think that the kingdom of God is sustained by our Christian practices rather than Christ’s person?

How can things go right for a local church when they realize that sustenance for the kingdom is provided despite sin?

Tim said that for the Pharisees the Sabbath had become Lord, rather than Jesus. Have practices and habits of the Christian life become Lord of any churches you have gone to or individuals that you’ve known?

What is beautiful about a person who relates to Jesus Christ as Lord rather than to prayer, Bible Study, attendance to Sunday worship, etc. as Lord?

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