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Youth Group Ski Retreat March 4-6 – Fun in WV

The Crossroads Youth Group enjoyed a fun weekend at Timberline Ski Resort in Canaan Valley, WV. Saturday we spent the whole day skiing and the rain held off for the entire day, so everyone had fun. For some it was their first time on skis, and they got to enjoy a lesson to get them started. No injuries!! Everyone skiied safely and somewhat in control! The evening was spent enjoying a meal lovingly made by Marcy Naylor, who spent the day doing preparation for dinner and the next morning’s breakfast. We played a few games and sang some songs led by Emily Neice on the guitar.

Sunday was a different story with heavy rainfall and snow starting around noon. Instead of skiing we joined Cannan Valley Baptist Church for their Worship Service. Kevin McMullen came up with a neat idea of “Donut Olympics”  for everyone to play. Games were pretty hilarious, ranging from a wheel barrow race to the pile of donuts, and donut archery. I’m sure if you ask any of the youth they can explain in more detail!!!

A very long trip home in the snow, over 6 hours. Everyone arrived safe, if not a little tired. Thanks to all of those who spent a lot of work arranging/leading this trip, especially Dave and Andrea Williams.

Youth Ski Retreat

March 5-7 Our Youth Ski Retreat spent  a wonderful weekend at Timberline Ski Resort in Canaan Valley, WV.

We had two days of skiing in great snow conditions they have had over 250 inches of snow this year, all the trails were open. The sun shone the whole weekend.

We stayed at Canaan Valley Baptist Church and had a lot of fun getting to know each other better and sharing God’s word.  Andrea Williams and Marcy Naylor (plus a couple of other adults) prepared some great meals for us. and Dave Williams kept us on track with a fun-filled schedule.