Surviving Heart Disease – Zechariah 12:10-13:1

Is there anything from last Sunday’s sermon from Zechariah (c. 520 BC) that you found particularly applicable to your thlife?

What are examples in music, TV, movies or elsewhere of American interest in survival?

Check out this video from Gloria Gaynor and/or Kelly Clarkson.

What is survival about for these women?

Here is another video of people in America preparing for survival.

What do these people want to survive from?

What had the prophet Zechariah’s audience survived from? (Hint: Zechariah prophesied in c. 520 BC during the Persian Period)

Zechariah by Michelangelo

Zechariah by Michelangelo

Read Zechariah 12:10

What does Zechariah see as an enduring survival issue for God’s people? What issue had they not overcome entirely despite surviving the exile?

Read Zechariah 13:1
What means of survival does God provide to deal with their enduring problem?

Read Acts 2:36-41

How is there a fulfillment of Zechariah 12:10-13:1 in Acts 2:36-41? Be specific and point out how different predictive elements of Zechariah are fulfilled in Acts.
Do you find it tempting to believe that you can kill the root of anxiety, anger, fear of others, social dysfunction, etc. by enduring your problems, white knuckling it?
How does survival of the heart disease of sin get healed by receiving rather than enduring?
How are you intentionally putting yourself in places to receive your survival needs through Jesus Christ?

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