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Prayer Focus for Uganda – Sunday, April 26

by Cindy Riggle

Uganda, Africa: Major ministry challenges for the Ugandan Church: a) Young people’s ministry is fundamental to rebuilding the country in the wake of AIDS and the LRA devastation. Pray for the extensive ministry of SU in schools and for FOCUS(IFES) and Life Ministry (CCCI) on university/tertiary campuses; evangelism, discipleship and training are the main ministries. […]

Prayer Focus for Tuvalu – Sunday, April 19

by Cindy Riggle

Tuvalu, Pacific: Tuvalu faces an uncertain future. Very limited resources, possible rising sea levels and modern/global external influences make this traditional culture fragile, both environmentally and socially. Pray that wisdom would prevail in preserving Tuvalu as a nation and culture, and that the long-standing presence of the Church would play a major role in this. […]

Prayer Focus for Turks and Caicos – Sunday, April 12

by Cindy Riggle

Turks and Caicos Islands, Asia: Caribbean: Christian values in society are challenged by offshore finance with its frequent money laundering, by tourism with its increasing licentiousness and by illegal drug trafficking. Pray that churches might address these through holy living and genuine faith. (

Prayer Focus for Turkmenistan – Sunday, April 5

by Cindy Riggle

Turkmenistan, Asia: Witness by other means: a) The Turkmen NT was published in 1994, but requires editing and revision. Work continues on completing the OT. Pray for this work to be completed quickly; pray also for its importation, distribution and impact on readers. There are also a number of Christian book titles available in Turkmen. […]