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Singing praises together as one body is one of the great joys of the Christian life, and we at Crossroads love joining together to worship. Pastor Sampson often reminds us that the Christian life isn’t meant to be a solo sport — isn’t this especially true of corporate worship? In worship we lift our hearts individually but also together as one body, joining our many voices together into one voice, giving God the honor and praise that belongs to Him.
This month we will learn a new song from Red Mountain Music from their December 2010 album, “All Things New.” It’s actually an old hymn, written in the 1700s but rewritten musically for us by Red Mountain Music. The song is “Come All Ye Pining” and you can see from the lyrics of the chorus that it speaks of our longing for finding our true home in Jesus: “Come all ye pining, hungry, poor, the Savior’s bounty taste, Behold a never-failing store, for every willing guest.”
You can find more information about this album or the song at itunes or at the Red Mountain Music website. Enjoy

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