Christian Education Classes – Fall 2016

Christian Education – Fall 2016

Sundays from 11:15 – 12:15

September 4 – November 27


Babies, Toddlers & Moms (Moms with children Ages 2 & under) Bible study for moms with children 2 & under. Led by Michelle Kessler

Preschool (Ages 3–4) In this quarter, children will learn of God’s promises of redemption, blessing, faithfulness, deliverance, and a Savior. Taught by Kristi Thornton

Younger Elementary (Grades K–3) This quarter will focus on growing in God: learning about Our Heavenly Father, trusting God for power to live for Him, and Listening to God’s word. Taught by Elena Mourad

Older Elementary (Grades 4–6) This quarter will cover 1 Samuel through Esther, focusing on the history of Israel’s prophets, priests, and kings and the people’s subsequent exile and return to the Promised Land. Taught by Maria Dunn

Youth Group (Grades 7 – 12) The Youth will explore apologetics this quarter with the goal to “develop accurately informed minds, artful methods, and an attractive manner that makes us high-impact ambassadors for Christ.” Taught by Josh Kiihne

Friendship Class (Special Needs Education)

Those of all ages with intellectual disabilities will study together from the Scriptures. Taught by Peggy Van Lowe and one mentor for each student.


Adult Education

Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically This class is designed to help bring us into contact with our God as He is described in the Scriptures. Each week there will be a video and discussion focused on one aspect of beholding our God. Taught by the Elders

 Christian Teens at Risk: A Parent’s Guide to Help Teens Think Biblically About Gender Confusion Taught by Gary Yagel

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