Christian Education Classes – Summer 2013

Our Christian Education Summer Classes (June 2- August 25)

Every Sunday from 11:00am – 12:00 noon

Preschool (Ages 2–4) Preschoolers learn that God keeps his promises. Taught by Mike & Melissa McClendon

Younger Elementary (Grades K–3) Children encounter Jesus through his powerful signs and wonders. Taught by Robert Mourad

Older Elementary (Grades 4–6) Pre-teens see the Bible as one story – God’s story of salvation through Christ. Taught by Rose Dunn

Middle and High School (Grades 7-12). Knowing the God Who Is – a journey through Scripture to discover the truth about who our God is and how to relate with him. Taught by Kevin McMullen and Chuck Assadourian.

Friendship Class (Special Needs Education)

Help your friends understand that God cares about how they feel. This life-application course helps friends talk to God about their feelings and work through them in a positive way. Includes tips for using the material with lower-functioning adults. We will also cover other topics about our relationship to God. Taught by Peggy Van Lowe and one adult/teen mentor for each student.


Adult Education

Exploring the New Testament II – Join us for the last quarter of our year-long exploration of the Scriptures. The goal is to enable us to better grasp each book and its relationship to the larger whole of the Bible. We will focus on many of the Apostle Paul’s letters, James, 1-2 Peter, 1-3 John, Jude and Revelation. Taught by Tim Carroll

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