Crossroads​’ Summer Bible Reading Plans

Dear Crossroads,
Summer is here and life is about to get busier than you know! It is most important that we remain in Scripture and embrace it. As God’s word, His revelation is for us to not only know His will but to also grow in our relationship with Him and others. I have attached a number of New Testament (or broad overview of both testaments) summer readings that are about 60 days long. Each have a unique path through Scripture depending on how you would like to challenge yourself and grow in God’s word.
1. New Testament reading
2. Chronological overview of the Bible (key passages)
3. General overview of the Bible (key passages)
4. Walking with Jesus (30 days)
Each are unique, depending on your interest and desire. I encourage all of us, children and adults, to make sure we take time out of our day to day routine to be in God’s word.

Thank you and God bless!

– Will Hailstone
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