Four Lesson Study: Live Different – What the Bible Says about Sex and Holiness

Today’s teenager lives in a hyper-sexualized society. And while sexual immorality has plagued humankind virtually forever, we seem to be in the midst of an age where the glamorization of sex is unprecedented. Teenagers are bombarded by messages about sex and sexual behavior. What does our culture say to teenagers about sex? Culture says sex is part of who you are, and that a teenager’s sexuality is simply one facet of his or her identity. Culture says sexual expression is an important aspect of being young. But most importantly, culture says that sex between two consenting teenagers is OK, if not normal. As long as sex is not coercive, marriage, and maybe even love, doesn’t really matter. The problem is that this flies in the face of how the Bible talks about sex and sexual expression. It’s imperative that teenagers learn God’s intention for how they are to make choices about sex and sexuality.

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