Prayer Focus for Burkina Faso – Sunday, February 21

burk-MMAP-smBurkina Faso, Africa: The spirit world is very real in Burkina Faso, where, as the saying goes, the population is “50% Muslim, 20% Christian and 100% animist”. The power of the occult has yet to be decisively challenged and broken in many peoples of Burkina Faso. Few countries in West Africa are more dominated by idolatry, fetishism and secret societies. Even in churches, occult power is wielded, hampering and polluting the message of Christ. The most strongly animist groups include the Lobi, Birifor and Dogosi peoples (WEC), Dagara (Canadian Pentecostals, AoG, WEC), Senufo and Bobo (CMA), Lyele (IMB), Karaboro and several smaller groups. Almost all live in the west and southwest of the country. Pray that the power of the risen Christ might be demonstrated for the saving of many.For more information go to

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