Prayer Focus for Finland – Sunday, August 28


Finland, Europe: The heritage of sending missionaries is under threat. The strength of mission sending has largely been through parachurch agencies or independent movements within the larger Lutheran framework. The churches need to catch a missions vision and become more involved in the sending process, rather than relying totally on agencies. But an over-centralization of mission-sending structures, under the rubric of the Lutheran Church, could drastically stunt missions as it could effectively isolate mission sending from the congregations altogether. The disconnectedness of many Finns from local churches doesn’t help the situation. Specific mission-mobilizing events have helped bring together different agencies and raise the profile of missions. Pray for more workers as well as more supporters.

Men’s ministry is a real need in Finland. Discipling men is difficult in a highly passive and private culture. Pray for ministries that will be able to call Finns into relationships that involve pastoring, mentoring and accountability. For more information, go to

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