Prayer Focus for Nicaragua – February 9, 2014

Challenges for Prayer


Rapid evangelical growth in an impoverished and dysfunctional society creates both challenges and opportunities. Pray about the following:

a) The deep trauma suffered by many who are now turning to the churches – bereavement, family break-ups, material loss and other traumas.

b) Division among and even within churches on liberation theology, the work of the Holy Spirit and interpersonal conflicts. The Evangelical Alliance of Nicaragua (FAENIC) represents 62 denominations and is crucial in forging a healthy national Christian presence.

c) The emergence of US-style megachurches with their dynamism and confidence. Nicaragua needs culturally appropriate churches that serve the people and do not just mimic foreign models.

d) Economic programmes by the churches. With widespread poverty, churches are ministering to the most destitute (such as street children) and developing ways to assist their most needy members.

Involvement in politics. Evangelicals – a quarter of the population – are beginning to wield considerable (and overdue) influence in the public sphere. Many in the government are becoming believers, and both the Catholic Church and some evangelical megachurches have significant political muscle to flex. Pray that believers might have the wisdom and determination to be a righteous influence on the nation.

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