Prayer Focus for Syria – Sunday, January 18

Syria, Asia: Unreached peoples to pray for:

  1. a) The Sunni Arab majority, most have never heard the gospel.
  2. b) The Alawites are a minority but also the group that produces the presidents. They are very influential in the army and government. They are an offshoot of Islam whose beliefs differ much from orthodox Islamic faith, with some potential spiritual bridges to Christianity. c)The Druze in the south are a secretive offshoot of Islam. Though hard to reach in the past, there is increasing contact and response, with a few small groups of believers. d) The Kurds of the north and northwest are more receptive than most Arabs. Due to the politically sensitive nature of the Kurdish issue, it is generally difficult to engage them. Some are Orthodox Christian, others Yezidis and Shi’a, but most are Sunni Muslim. (


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