Guess Who’s Moving In? – Introduction to Leviticus

If you could have had just one point from Sunday’s message communicated what would it have been?
The people we dwell with shape our sense of who we are (identity). Which people in your life have most shaped your identity?


The Tabernacle and Court

In Leviticus the Covenant King comes to dwell among his people.

What evidence from Exodus points to God being a COVENANT King?

What evidence from Exodus points to God being a Covenant KING?

What evidence from Exodus points to God being a Covenant King who DWELLS AMONG HIS PEOPLE?

How has God come to dwell even nearer to his covenant people today?

How would you say that God’s dwelling within and among us shapes your identity, your sense of who you are?

J. Todd Billings writes that among many Americans, especially emerging adults “faith has been reduced to a necklace one wears as part of a self-made identity rather than a whole new set of clothes one wears—“put[ting] on the Lord Jesus Christ” (Rom. 13:14)—as a new identity found in him.” Billings, J. Todd (2011-11-01). Union with Christ: Reframing Theology and Ministry for the Church (Kindle Locations 404-415). Baker Publishing Group.

Do you find yourself trying to keep Jesus the Covenant King at arms-length despite his desire to dwell near? Do you sense any fear at being so completely identified with him?

What inspires you about being so identified with the Father who has adopted you in Christ (Romans 8:15)? What do you like about others who are excited about the nearness of their Covenant King?

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