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Prayer Focus For Russia – Sunday, June 28

by Cindy Riggle

Challenges for Prayer Unreached peoples. There are 78 ethnic minorities considered unreached, totalling over 13 million in population. (See the different ethnic republics below.) Most expatriates and even Russian ministries focus on reaching ethnic Russians. Moscow operates as the centre of the former Soviet world, and nearly every ethnicity from the fSU can be found […]

Prayer Focus for Romania – Sunday, June 22

by Cindy Riggle

Challenges for Prayer Church planting is still a vital ministry. Over 100 new churches are planted each year, but many more are needed. A consortium of mission agencies works across evangelical denominational boundaries to facilitate reaching the 19 cities and 9,500 villages (43% of all villages) without a single evangelical church. Many more congregations are […]

Prayer Focus for Reunion – Sunday, June 15

by Cindy Riggle

Reunion, Africa: Mature leadership for the young, growing churches is a priority. Most leadership training is informal or must be pursued outside the territory. As with the territory’s economic dependence on France, the churches are often dependent on outside help. Pray for recent moves toward developing the local church leadership as well as establishing both […]

Adopt A Plot

by Cindy Riggle

Crossroads, We have a wonderful opportunity to be a blessing to the Dumfries community. Through the “Adopt a Plot” program we can have one or more free plots to grow food for the poor. Click below to see the official advertisement. If you are interested in being a part of this effort please email […]

Prayer Focus for Qatar – Sunday, June 8

by Cindy Riggle

Qatar, Asia: Christians’ ability to meet together is limited by government policy and by the high cost and difficulty of renting facilities capable of hosting larger groups. There are not yet opportunities for the large Asian fellowships and those congregations committed to outreach and evangelism to have their own places of  

Prayer Focus for Puerto Rico – Sunday, June 1

by Cindy Riggle

Puerto Rico, Caribbean: The issue of Puerto Rico’s political identity divided the nation in the past. Independence, US statehood or the current arrangement of commonwealth are all options, but most people now seem content with the status quo. Many are concerned with the increasing Americanization of government. The biggest problem may be, however, the high […]