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Prayer Focus for Burundi – Sunday, February 28

by Cindy Riggle

Burundi, Africa: The socio-political situation is one of cautious hope. There have been many encouragements, but threats to the fragile new peace remain. The final rebel group, the FNL, signed the peace accord only in 2008. Pray for these key issues: a) Decades-old enmity between Tutsi and Hutu that boiled into a violent eruption claiming […]

Prayer Focus for Burkina Faso – Sunday, February 21

by Cindy Riggle

Burkina Faso, Africa: The spirit world is very real in Burkina Faso, where, as the saying goes, the population is “50% Muslim, 20% Christian and 100% animist”. The power of the occult has yet to be decisively challenged and broken in many peoples of Burkina Faso. Few countries in West Africa are more dominated by […]

Prayer Focus for Bulgaria – Sunday, February 14

by Cindy Riggle

Bulgaria, Europe: Pray for Bulgarian-speaking Muslims in the south have an identity crisis – rejected both by Bulgarians (religion) and Turks (language); a specific ministry is needed to reach them. Only a handful of congregations exist among them, but Bulgarian workers have increased focused prayer and church planting work among this group in recent years. […]

Prayer Focus for Brunei, Asia – February 7, 2016

by Cindy Riggle

Prayer for the unreached. a) The Malay majority are Muslim with a handful of Christians, none daring to publicly make his or her faith known. There is little reason for people to change their spiritual status quo; pray for the Spirit to move in the hearts of Malays. b) The Chinese lack security and are […]