Care Groups – Everyday Evangelism Course

Please prayerfully consider your group’s participation in a new seven-week course called Everyday Evangelism provided by Evangelism Explosion.  George and Linda Roller will serve as roving facilitators to help each Care Group participant learn to share faith effectively. 

First, attend a Share Your Faith Workshop where you will learn the basic evangelistic tool by using the five fingers on your hand as a prompt. 

 Then participate in the seven-week Care Group course that will complete your training and even provide you with opportunities to share the gospel with your friends, neighbors, relatives, and church visitors. 

 The Care Group hosted by the Rollers will be the first to provide Everyday Evangelism training.  This seven-week course will begin on Wednesday, March 17, following the all day Share Your Faith workshop on Saturday, March 13. 

Everyone in the church is invited to participate in the Share Your Faith all day workshop.  Every individual who is not presently in a Care Group is welcome to join the Rollers for the seven weeks of training following the workshop.  Any other Care Group that would like to join the Roller Care Group for this first seven-week course in Everyday Evangelism is welcome to do so.

Contact George or Linda Roller for more details: 703-794-0665

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