Summer Schedule Starts June 6

Our new Summer Schedule starts on June 6, the Worship Service will be held at 10:30a.m. We will switch back to normal 9:30a.m. Worship Service on Sunday, September 12.

New Sermon Series on Philippians

Pastor Brian will be starting a new Sermon Series on Philippians on Sunday, June 14.
Philippians is a joyful letter, which is something the church needs to hear right now. Paul was writing from prison, yet joy wells up from his heart throughout this letter. We will learn the secret of Paul’s joy as we plumb the depths of his mind and thinking. We will learn how to have our own joy in the midst of our suffering. Paul’s focus was on Jesus Christ and a deep desire to know Him better. Paul wanted to think like Jesus thought and to love like Jesus loved. Our goal will be the same. The desires of our minds and hearts should be to be like Jesus’ mind and heart. May the Lord graciously prepare our minds and hearts through the power of the Holy Spirit to receive this letter with joy and be filled with Jesus’ joy.

Heartfelt Worship

What does it mean to worship? Heartfelt worship…


Worship is an intelligent response to God: a response of praise, reverence, and obedience which stems from an understanding of who God is and who we are. God’s great goodness and our great need should cause us to respond to Him in heartfelt worship.

Some years ago, before computers, the Reuben Donnelly Company, handled magazine subscriptions for a number of publications. They had a machine that sent out the notices to people whose subscriptions had expired. One day the machine broke and a rancher in Powder Bluff, Colorado, received 9,734 notices that his subscription to National Geographic had expired. He drove the ten miles to the post office, sent his money and wrote, “Send me the magazine! I give up!”

God has flooded your life with far more than 9,734 notices of His love and blessing. He wants you to respond by giving up your self-seeking, stubborn ways and by giving in to His great goodness toward you in Christ. He wants you to be filled with heartfelt worship every day as you think about God’s great goodness and your great need.

Discussion Questions
1. How can a person who has been through terrible tragedy believe in the goodness of God?
2. How does the teaching that “we need to see ourselves as worthy people” undercut basic biblical truth?
3. How can a person who doesn’t feel like praising God do it from the heart?
4. How would you answer a Christian who claims that Psalm 103:3 promises physical healing to every Christian?