Crossroads Car Wash Fundraising Event – Saturday, June 26

Crossroads will be hosting a Car Wash Fundraising Event at the Silver Diner on Smoketown Road (14375 Smoketown Road, Woodbridge, VA) on Saturday, June 26, 2010 from 9:00a.m. – 1:00p.m. with set up beginning at 8:30a.m.

Q: How can I help?

A: I am glad you asked! We have five different ways for you to help out:

1. You can help by donating one case of bottled water, one can of powdered lemonade, sunscreen, sponges, tire cleaner, and car soap by June 23, 2010.

2. You can help by lending us buckets, garden hoses, hose splitters, and spray nozzles. Bring along or drop off at the Riggle’s home.

3. You can help by volunteering. We need Crossroads Adults and Youth Group to get involved. Spend as much time as you can on Saturday morning. Come dressed appropriately – expect to get wet.

4. You can help by advertising. Send an email message to your friends and family, post to your facebook profile, and tell your co-workers!

5. You can help by making signs. CAR WASH in big, bold letters works best.

Q: I would be glad to help, who should I contact for more details?

A: Let Shawn Riggle know how you can help by email ( or phone (703-590-9428)!


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