Crossroads Easter Choirs

Children’s Easter Choir
Children from age 4 to 6th grade are invited to join in singing and learning 3 new songs for Easter. We will learn these faith-building songs during the first 15 minutes of Sunday School each week. Please join us! For more information please contact Christina Bartholomew at 252-622-6300

Adult Easter Choir
Please consider lending your voice to our upcoming Easter Choir. We’d love to have you, most especially if you sing tenor or bass. The Crossroads Choir is a great place to be built up in faith and in fellowship as we work together to honor God with our voices. Rehearsals begin Thursday, March 1st at 7pm., at the home of Linda Neice, 15027 Holleyside Drive, Montclair. For more information please call Linda at 703-730-3281.

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