The Lion of Judah – Genesis 49:1-28

Lion of Judah and cub

Lion and cub

Genesis 49:1-28 contain some of the last words of our patriarch Jacob. What would you like your last words to be? What would you hate for your last words to be?

Did anything come up in last Sunday’s sermon that you especially want to discuss tonight?
Read 1 Kings 12:1
Rehoboam is about to be crowned king. What tribe is Rehoboam from?
Read Genesis 49:8-12.
How is Rehoboam’s anointing as king a partial fulfillment of Jacob’s prophecy?
Read 1 Kings 12:2-15
What does Jeroboam (and all Israel) want from Rehoboam?
How does Rehoboam respond?
1 Kings 12:16-20
How does the majority of Israel depart from God’s intentions as revealed through Jacob’s prophecy? If you are stuck goo to 2 Samuel 7:1-17.
How does Jesus rule the way a king should rule, in contrast to Rehoboam’s “leadership style” in 1 Kings 12:14? If you are stuck go to Matthew 11:25-30


Oxen Yoked with Burden

Obedience to Jesus the King is a response to his grace of adopting us into his royal family. How have you experienced the goodness of obedient trust in Jesus the King? Tell a story from your own life.
How is obedience to Jesus ultimately about relationship with Jesus? (Think about how obedience to other authorities works)
Where do you see a distaste for authority in today’s world? How can we present Jesus’ authority tastefully in response?
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